[May Review] No More Greasy Hair with SQUEAK Shampoo!

Let me introduce you to the first product of the 7th month of Gelush, the 'Squeeze' shampoo.

About Quick Shampoo

QUEAK literally means "squeeze". This shampoo is especially recommended for those with oily scalps because it uses naturally derived ingredients to keep your scalp and hair healthy, leaving it feeling fresh and clean.

The shampoo is made from the old I Love Juicy shampoo with sea salt, which is hand-harvested from Portugal and Croatia. (If you want to learn more about Lush's ingredient journey, check out the Herefor more information!)

The main ingredients are Irish moss, kiwi, and pineapple, with additional kiwi and pineapple juice to help lock in oils in the hair. 

When you look at the formulation, you can see and feel the sea salt right away. When you touch it to the water, it fizzes and bubbles, and you can feel the salt dissolving and washing away the dirt. It's like exfoliating your face, only more refreshing! 

Real-world reviews

I've tried the Quick Shampoo and it works the same way as a regular shampoo - you dispense the right amount of shampoo based on your hair's condition and gently massage it into a rich lather.

And when I rinse it out with water, my hair feels really squishy. I immediately understand why it's called "squishy." (You'd think I washed my hair with soap...) It reminds me of my summer favorite, Shampoo Bar Scenic. I definitely recommend using this shampoo with a conditioner.

You can smell the scent when you wash it, but after drying, there's hardly any shampoo scent left. It leaves my hair feeling full, voluminous, and most of all, refreshing! And it's not greasy! Squeeze is a shampoo that goes really well with summer. I used it with the Veganess conditioner and it felt very balanced.

If you're looking for a rich lather and a refreshing scent to pamper your scalp and hair, especially if you have an oily scalp, we recommend the Quick Shampoo.

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