Rush brand philosophy and core values

After we were selected as the 7th Jell-O Rush, we had an online launch ceremony on YouTube, and it was a time when I realized that we could gather and have fun communicating online. I also got a better understanding of Rush's brand philosophy and core values.

Rush's brand philosophy

Rush's brand philosophy is "Striving to create a world where animals, nature, and people coexist," and their products are designed to protect nature and the environment, oppose animal testing, and be socially responsible.

Source: Rush official website

Rush's core values

No animal testing

Rush is one of the brands that strongly opposes animal testing. It's also known as FAT (=Fighting Animal Test): all of its products are not tested on animals, and it only buys ingredients from companies that don't test on animals.


All of our products are made with fresh, organic ingredients and minimize the use of synthetic chemicals. For example, our bath bombs are made with natural essential oils and herbs, so they're gentle on the skin and kind to the environment. They usually have a short shelf life because they don't use artificial preservatives.

Ethical Buying

Rush is committed to ethically sourcing its ingredients. We check to see if animals, women, and children were exploited in the production of our ingredients, or if they have a negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem. We also make a positive impact on society by donating a portion of the proceeds from our Charity Pods to various nonprofits that support environmental, human rights, and animal welfare causes.


We offer many of our products in solid form to reduce the amount of plastic we use, we launch packaging-free products through our Naked campaign, and when we must use packaging, we use recyclable packaging.


Rush's products are handmade. Because they're handmade, each product has a sticker that identifies who made it.

100% Vegetarian

Rush sources all of its ingredients from nature and plants. Currently, 951 TP3Ts of Rush products are vegan. The remaining 51 TP3Ts are vegetarian because they use honey that is made with the help of bees. (As of May 2024)

I've always known that Lush is cruelty-free and environmentally conscious, but I didn't realize they were so proactive about it. It's great to know that a brand I love has the right ideals and is doing it right. I'm proud to be one of the 7th Jell-O Lush and to be able to promote Lush, and I'm going to work harder to do so🥰.

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